label - ANC004


ANC004 - ESKAMON "Fine Objects" - release date April 5 2010

ESKAMON is the new collaboration project between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) & Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu).
“Fine Objects” is the first single by the duo that’s set for release on Eskmo’s own imprint “Ancestor.”

"...Metamorphic hiphop-concréte groove fashioned from swamp monster groans and the sound of a cup of tea being made in an iron foundry...Seriously impressive...equivalent of Florian Hecker dismantling Flying Lotus. Ace!" - Boomkat

More info / purchase @ ESKAMON.com

“Fine Objects” (Ancestor, ANC004) Written and produced by Amon Tobin & Brendan Angelides
Photo : "la Colline" by Emmanuel Colombani - www.emmanuelcolombani.net
Publishing: Just Isn't Music / Ancestor Publishing - ASCAP


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